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Award Winning Financial Education Programmes

AAG Financial Education provides award winning financial well-being programmes.

We believe that everyone should be financially aware and able to make informed decisions about their own personal circumstances. Our bespoke programmes are designed to empower and inspire every member of your organisation to make more informed financial decisions.

Key Sessions we provide:
  • Taking Financial Control
  • Pensions and Retirement Planning
  • The Run up to Retirement
  • Making Your Money Work Harder
  • Planning Around Children
  • Advanced Tax Planning
  • Employee Share Plans and Tax Strategies
  • What If: Protecting You and Your Family
  • Mortgages: All You Need to Know
  • New Tax Year Preparations
  • Leaving Your Legacy

What our clients say

Let’s look at the numbers

of employees welcome support on financial planning
of companies believe financial education improved business performance
of employers believe financial education is a good decision
of employees believe financial education led to them taking action on their own finances
of individuals view financial education as a valuable part of the emplyer benefit package

Our Complimentary Financial Education Programme

Your 3 month complimentary trial of Financial Education, including:

  • Two Group Webinars | Interactive with Content Tailored to your Demographics
  • Two Executive Briefings | Roundtable Conversations with 6 – 8 Senior Individuals 
  • Unlimited One-to-One Video Consultations
  • Mortgage Clinic
  • Weekly Financial Wellbeing updates
  • Priority Access to #FinanceFriday Webinars 
  • Employee Engagement MI Report

Two Flagship Webinars Tailored to Your Organisation

One-to-One Video or Conference Consultations

Distribution of Weekly Financial Wellbeing Articles

Employee Feedback Capturing Important Engagement in MI Report